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1. Do I need to book?

YES. We always recommend to book Karting Sessions. Weekends are our peak time therefore Karting Sessions always book out very quickly.

2 . What age do I need to be to Kart?

You can Kart from the age of  7 at The Zone. Height Restriction of 4ft 1′ (124cm).

3 . What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothes are the key here.  NO open toe shoes or high heel shoes allowed so please bring your flats! We provide you with a Racing Suit, Helmet and Gloves .

4 . What Karts do you use?

We have 2 different types of Karts :

We use Sodi 200cc RX7 (with extra input) Petrol Karts for Seniors (13 yrs +) .

We use Sodi 120cc Petrol Karts for Juniors ( 7yrs+).

5. How many drivers do you allow out on the track at one time?

We allow MAX 8 Seniors (Adults) out on track at any one time.

We allow MAX 6 Juniors (7-12yrs) out on track at any one time.

6. Can Adults & Children race together?

Yes, we allow for families of Adults & Children to race together, in separate Karts.

7. Do you need a group for a Karting Session?

No, you can Kart Solo or with a group. Groups required for Races.

8 . Can I bring my own Helmet and Gloves?

Yes you can.

9. Can we have the track to ourselves?

We can never guarantee that any group will the track to themselves, especially at weekends.

If we mix groups, they will be of similar ages. (Kids with Kids, Teens with Teens, Adults with Adults.)

10. Do you have transport available?

Yes we can organise transport.  For prices please call The Zone 046 9071623.

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Indoor Laser Tag Paintball


1. What age do I need to be to play Laser Tag Paintball ?

You need to be 8 years of age or over to play Laser Tag Paintball Game.


2. How long do the games last?

1hr+  depending on final numbers.

3. How many people do I need to have?

Minimum of 6ppl required.


4. Is there paint and pain involved?

No, Laser Tag brings you all the thrills and excitement of paintball, without the messy paint or pain! Our Laser Tag guns are electronic.

5. Is Laser Tag played indoors?

Yes our Laser Tag Arena is indoors.

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1. Do you need to have experience?

No, we have qualified Archery Instructors who will assist you.

2. Is Archery suitable for Kids?

Yes, for 7yrs+. We have Junior Bows available which are suitable for children.

3. How long does an Archery Session last?

A full Archery session includes 24 Arrows. (20-30 Minutes). An Add On Archery Session includes 12 Arrows (15 – 20 Mins).

4. Is Archery Indoors?

Yes our Archery takes place indoors in a private area.

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Birthday Parties


1. Are there refreshments on site?

We serve delicious Italian Lavazza Coffee. Choose from Americano’s, Cappuccino’s, Latte’s and Mocha’s. Herbal Tea and regular Tea also available.

Soft Drinks, Crisps and Confectionery also available to Purchase. If you are looking for a small bite to eat such as Wrap’s, Sandwich’s, Lasagne etc we can arrange this from our sister centre Huckleberry’s Den.

Hot food included for children whilst at Birthday Party.

2. Do we have the Party Room to ourselves?

Yes, each Birthday Party will enjoy a private Party Room – Time frame 30 Mins – 45 Mins.

3. Do we have the Track and/or Activities to ourselves?

Yes, all Birthday Party groups will have the Track and activities to themselves.